Mr. Shashi Kant Principal Officer & Head of Research

Shashi Kant has overall experience of around 9 years in Investment Management and Equity Research. Prior to joining Brighter Mind Equity Advisors, he has worked with BLB Limited and Perfect Research in Proprietary Fund Management and Equity Research for Family offices. He has deep domain knowledge in equity market covering various sectors and industries. With his process driven approach to investing and research, he brings unique perspective and insights to the fund management vertical. He holds the Masters Degree in Financial Analysis and is a CFA (ICFAI) from the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI).


  • 4 Things you should know about Value Investing

    Every investor follows a different investment style while investing into stocks of a company. One among the various well known styles is “Value Investing”. “Value Investing” is an investment style which was conceptualised by legendary value investor Benjamin Graham and later made famous by his disciple Warren Buffett; another legendary investor & CEO of Berkshire

  • The Difference between Investing and Trading

    The Difference between Investing and Trading Investing and trading are two different types of dealing in the market although both are done with common objective of making profits. The major difference lies in the fundamentals of these methods. In general, investing is the process of buying the securities and holding it for the longer term


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