Mr. Mohan Mendhe Regional Director

Mohan Mendhe is Regional Director in Brighter Mind. He completed BE in Mechanical Engineering in the year 1988 and M Tech from VNIT Nagpur in the year 1999. In 1990 he joined as a professor in YCCE engineering college in Nagpur. He is heartfullness practitioner and trainer since year 2000. As professor in engineering college, he educated and prepared thousands of engineers, who are now contributing to the growth of the Indian economy. He always believed in nurturing capability at large who can contribute to the India Growth Story. From 1992, at the time of Harshad Mehta he started taking interest in equity market, he started as investor. In the long journey of around 30 years of equity market he came across with all up and down of the equity market. His interest and success in the equity market and passion to prepare people at large made him start his journey with Brighter Mind. He made a point to create awareness and make retail investor understand the importance of equity in wealth creation.


  • 4 Things you should know about Value Investing

    Every investor follows a different investment style while investing into stocks of a company. One among the various well known styles is “Value Investing”. “Value Investing” is an investment style which was conceptualised by legendary value investor Benjamin Graham and later made famous by his disciple Warren Buffett; another legendary investor & CEO of Berkshire

  • The Difference between Investing and Trading

    The Difference between Investing and Trading Investing and trading are two different types of dealing in the market although both are done with common objective of making profits. The major difference lies in the fundamentals of these methods. In general, investing is the process of buying the securities and holding it for the longer term


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