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Importance of Investing in Equities For Doctors

  1. Efficient Wealth Creation
    One of the important benefits of equity investment is that it can help individuals create real wealth. With strategic equity investments, one can efficiently create exponential wealth without taking any significant risk. Doctors are very busy with their schedules and hence equity is the best way out for them to create wealth, as in equity, wealth is created by staying invested in the healthy business for a longer time.
  2. Beat the Inflation
    Equity is one of the asset classes which can help you comfortably beat inflation over a longer run. Hence when you invest in equity, you generate superior inflation-adjusted returns than any other asset class. Simple reason for this is that good businesses keep growing in a growing economy like India and hence can successfully nullify the impact of inflation.
  3. Securing the Generations
    Equity investment gives you an opportunity to generate high returns and create a huge corpus in the long term. When the equity portfolio is designed in the systematic manner, it can fetch multifold returns that can actually secure the future of your next generations without much effort. In other words, equity investment is a tree whose seed you sow and your next generation can reap its fruit.
  4. Professional Financing
    No doubt doctors have good earning potential, but their profession also demands huge expenses. For instance, expanding the hospital or clinic, buying medical equipment and machines are very costly and can cause a financial burden for the doctor. Strategic investment management can help finance these costs from its own corpus as the equity portfolio has the potential to generate multi-fold returns over time.
“We believe that a doctor's job demands high focus and they can’t afford any distractions. So we contribute to their lives by making their financial management easy.”

Why Doctors Need Brighter Mind?

  1. Lack of time
    Being a doctor, there will always be the time crunch as they carry big and important social responsibility. While performing their duty towards their profession, the financial management gets transferred to the back sit and gets ignored. We take that responsibility from doctors to our shoulders, so that their investments also get expert attention so that doctor’s financial health doesn’t get hindered.
  2. Expert Guidance
    Being into the profession, we have a fair knowledge about equity markets. We guide doctors at every moment of investment decisions and help them navigate through complex market situations. We help the doctors to stay on track of investment and proactively identify risks and opportunities in equity investment to keep them ahead in their financial life.
  3. Higher Returns
    With a dedicated team working for doctors in the back-end, they can take investment decisions in a better way without investing any time. The Brighter Mind team provides data-backed and strategic advice which can help doctors generate higher returns. We also help them to visualise the financial future in a very different way and unlock the true potential of wealth creation for doctors.
  4. Risk Mitigation
    As we know the ocean and have tasted its water, we know exactly how to ignore the market noises. With the help of Brighter Mind, doctors can design a portfolio which is very risk efficient. Also, as we have all the resources with us, we better track the companies and industry developments and take a call well ahead of any mishap hence protecting the portfolio from any major downfall. Thus we help doctors enjoy the investment journey rather than worrying about it.


Our Seamless Process

Investment Planning

Phase 1

Investment Planning

As doctors help patients make their life easy, our prime focus is to make doctor’s financial lives easy. Hence initially we understand the client’s need and investment horizon then accordingly create an investment plan.

Portfolio Designing

Phase 2

Portfolio Designing

Once the analysis is done, we design the customised portfolio for the doctors. This helps generate long term wealth by generating higher returns than the market average. The portfolio is designed in such a way that the risk is lowest so that it can be comparable with fixed deposits in the longer term.

Portfolio Tracking

Phase 3

Portfolio Tracking

Our dedicated team tracks your portfolio regularly. We check all the business activities, announcements, amendments in industries and their implications on the holding companies. All the companies are closely tracked for the red flag so that the risk is mitigated in time.

Performance Review

Phase 4

Performance Review

We schedule portfolio performance reviews with the clients on a regular basis and discuss the past and the future actionable. We address all their queries and issues related to the portfolio so that the clients experience the seamless wealth creation journey

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