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Together we can redefine the investment world

Benefits of becoming a Brighter Mind Partner

Unlock new business opportunity​
With Brighter Mind, you can add new investment product to your catalogue so that you can expand your portfolio and serve your clients in a better way.​
No impact on your core profession​
Our team take care of all the client engagement activities and provide full customer support to your clients so that you can focus on your core business.
No Investment Required​
The best part about Brighter Mind Partnership Program is that there is no investment required from your end to start business with us. So it’s totally risk-free.
Better Client Engagement​
Knowledge sharing starts with day one of partner on-boarding, so you can better educate your clients about equity investment and work for their financial wellbeing hence strengthening your client relationships.
Long term sustainable earnings​
Our model is designed in such a way that you build sustainable long term wealth for yourself and your clients at the same time. Also this is the best opportunity to start your side hustle.

Our Values

  • Top Quality Product
  • No Miss-selling
  • Highly Integrated Management
  • Truly Transparent
  • Your success is our success
  • 100% backend support

Opportunities as a Brighter Mind Partner

Create Impact
Work with us to develop investment awareness among the people and help them create real wealth over longer run. This way you have an opportunity to contribute towards the society and create impact on people’s lives.
Promote healthy financial planning
Partnering with Brighter Mind gives you an opportunity to promote healthy financial planning among your clients. For this you get Brighter Mind expertise and support so that you can decide the better asset-allocation for your clients.
Engage with like-minded people
Broaden your perspective by networking with like-minded community of Brighter Mind. Exchange the ideas and get to know more about equity investments so that you get more clarity on stock market concept.

How our Partnership Program Works

Step 1:

Join the Partnership Program by filling the Application Form

Step 2:

Get On-boarded with us as a Partner

Step 3:

Receive extensive marketing resources and product collaterals

Step 4:

Leverage your own client network & references & offer equity advisory service

Step 5:

Enjoy incremental revenue as you advance in the partnership journey

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