Why Brighter Mind Equity Advisor?

Safety of Capital

We focus on investing in equity as an asset class without compromising on safety of capital. We always assure that the investor’s hard earned money gets invested in quality companies with low risk. We overcome the market volatility by investing the strong business franchise run by competent and shareholders friendly management for longer time frame. Our purpose is to build significant inflation-adjusted return on investment for the investors.

Value Investment

“Value Investing" is the cornerstone of our investment philosophy. We invest in only those companies which offers significant margin of safety in terms of business model, management quality and valuation. The core focus is to generate return on investment without compromising on safety of the capital. We have developed a robust in-house investment process to deliver significant alpha to the benchmark and any other asset class.

Risk Management

An equity investment does come with some amount of risk which leads to actual returns vary from expected returns. In order to minimize these risks and market volatility, we have developed a comprehensive checklist to keep tab on it. This includes periodic re-assessment of our investment rationale, industry dynamics, business performance, corporate governance, earning visibility and valuation metric.


Brighter Mind Vision Statement

“Transforming Investment into powerful process that can impact generations”

CA Rajeev Ranjan, Founder of Brighter Mind Equity Advisor, has started his professional journey in the year 1998. As a practicing chartered accountant, he contributed to the growth of companies in the area of business planning, MIS, company restructuring and domains other than finance. He has experienced the equity market as an investor and came across multiple market cycles during the last 23 years. His vast experience in the market as a practitioner helped him in becoming a guiding light during the due course while being a CA in practice. Observing the market across different cycles, he developed the understanding that creating wealth requires a process driven approach and behavioural discipline. It is much deeper than merely understanding the financial statements, economic data and macro trends. Creating an equity portfolio for wealth creation requires proper understanding of business models and their fragility and sticking through the entire journey of the companies during their growth phase and paying the right valuation and having a significant margin of safety.

Investment in Equity Markets

Equity being an asset class with strong wealth generation potential, can add tremendous value to our financial health when done right. Equity market is volatile in nature and therefore, investors have to overcome the fear of this short term volatility in order to generate sustainable returns in equity.

Also before investing in any particular stock, there are many qualitative and quantitative factors which should be considered before taking the decision.

As the saying is – “Investing in equity is very simple but not easy.”

We guide you through Every Step and Beyond

We are SEBI registered investment advisor and our aim is to provide the best investment advice with our deep domain knowledge. For this, we have created an exhaustive checklist based on value investing principles. We guide you through every step so that investing in the equity market becomes simple and efficient. Our all-around support will help you take a rational approach to investment decisions.
Controlling behavioural aspects get easy when an investor thinks investing in companies as an ownership instead of buying a piece of paper. Just like an owner who has the conviction in his business, the investor should also have conviction in his investment. As Peter Lynch says – “Know what you own, and know why you own it.”

Customized Products

A Wide variety of customized solutions for every professional.

And More…

Our Clients Love us!

Brighter Mind’s highly passionate team continuously works toward creating wealth for its clients by offering proprietary research and imparting knowledge to them.

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